Importance of Videos

There are lots of video sites which help SEO learner or expert to promot their website and also help to improve ranking in google. For the use of video people can express their view to the people and people buy products or keep in mind what video maker telling us through video.

Time Waisting on Video Sites Are Bad

There are lots of people wh use video for waisting time and do not know what is he positive way of using all videos but people oly use videos for seeing drama, films and also for other purpose which are totally bad we tell you only use videos sites for promoting website online which is the best source of increase income and also use videos for listening islamic bayen for increase knowledge and act upon it also.

Top Video Sites List 2017

There are some top video websites on which you can upload your brnd video and increase visitors for your brand.

1 –

It is one of the leading video website where youc an upload you video about brands or can watch islamic bayen for increase knowledge. It is the big source of income also because after publish your new or fresh video you can put google adsense and earn money too.

Features of

Google index – 1.35B

Semrush back links – 4.79M

Semrush subdomain backlinks – 2.82B

Alexa Rank – 2

FB likes – 7.2M

2 –

DailyMotion is one of the second video upload site after the youtube because in my point of view, it is the most visiting website after stoping youtube in pakistan. You can upload your brands video and listen good islamic bayen also and upload too here.

Features of Dailymotion

Google index – 20.5 M

Semrush back links – 9

Semrush subdomain backlinks – 52.4M

Alexa Rank – 115

FB likes – 8.1K

3 -

It is the third video upload website because it is ery simple and easy to use but also has some other sites but I have given it 3rd position in my video uplod sites list 2017.

Features of

Google index – 14.5 M

Semrush back links – 2.00M

Semrush subdomain backlinks – 85.0M

Alexa Rank – 114

FB likes – 523K


– All videos upload websites are very famous and has great result in watching but one thing is sure , good use of all video upload websites is important which will make your brands more visible in visitors eyes.

4 –

Vid is one of the good uploading website and it has very simple way of upload you can see upload butto left corner of the website and click on upload button you will see choose a video and click on it select video. You have to put title and description along with tick on publish on vidme and click on upload video button.

Features of

Google index – 701K

Semrush back links – 2.45K

Semrush subdomain backlinks – 519K

Alexa Rank – 1.57K

FB likes – 4.5K

5 -

It is very usable website and you can visible your brand on website because it is also lots of videos. But it has veru simple method of upload videos for you. See the sendvid website features

Features of Sendvid

Google index – 61

Semrush back links – 2.30K

Semrush subdomain backlinks – 401K

Alexa Rank – 11.7K

FB likes – 1.3K