How many types of flow

There are two types of flow which is designed by majestic SEO Company first called trust flow and second citation flow.

What is Citation Flow?

“It is based on how many link to website and how much popular website URL is” called citation flow. It is totally depend upon websites linking coming from quality websites which will help your URL popularity increasing. DO not get bad links because it causes low CF. “High quality linking to your site if even in short format also will work for your website citation flow.”

Trust Flow

“It is based on how much trust worthy your page and how much quality links to it called trust flow”. Linking to any page but quality will increase your trust flow. On the other hand low quality link to website page will decrease TF.

What is difference between domain authority and trust flow

There is little difference between domain authority and trust flow but see point below:-

Trust Flow

It is based on quality linking to website inner page and website inner page influence too.

Top Dofollow Blogs

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Domain Authority

It is based on home page or main page of website and quality linking to main page.

Are both tools necessory for website?

First of all, you have must have information about both DA and TF tool and how to increase because in my point of view both tool need for your websites because need linking to main page and inner page same important for increase ranking in google which will increase DA and TF of your website.

Is page authority and trust flow play same role?

Basically PA and TF two different tool but working same for website because TF increase your inner page popularity and PA is also based on your inner page authority.

What is the role of TF and CF in website alexa rank?

Linking to main page increase your CF and also to linking to inner page increase TF but main point is can TF and CF increase alexa rank of your website and answer is yes when someone get god links for website it increase ranking in google which will also get visitors and when your website get visitors website alexa rank improve because “alexa rank based on how many people visit your main page and also how many hit on inner page”.

How to calculate trust flow and citation flow

TF and CF calculation is very easy and it is website metric which is designed by majestic SEO and now follows our following tips:-

1 – Open website

2 – Type website start with and you will see TF and CF along with also other features.

3 – You can also see back links history which helps in TF and CF improvement.

4 – Which types of title you are using in getting backlinks

Trust flow checker websites list

There are lots of websites which will help you to check TF and CF of your website easily, see list:-

Important note – When you create website, you have to use solid title, description and also keywords but article must be unique and quality. After these things, you have to create quality and relevant back links for your website which will increase trust flow and citation also.

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