What is Domain Name

“It is the reorganization of IP address called domain”. Microsoft.com is the domain name and its IP is dozen. SO any person post information on domain name after creates and design website.

How to Register Domain Name

There are lots of people do not know how to register domain name after know about domain name because domain name registration is not free and also it is not one time pay fee because have to pay every year fee. There are lots of domain name popular and secure websites in google which can be used for registration easily and confidently. Are you ready to register follow our points and register domain name.

1 – Go to google.com

2 – Type – https://www.godaddy.com/

3 – If you are Pakistani, domain will be open - https://pk.godaddy.com/

4 – Type domain name in research bar and click on “search domain”.

5 – Will see domain name available in lots of extension such as (.com, .info, .in, club and more.)

6 – If domain name is available click on “continue to card”.

7 – After above process, will see some features and you can select or not it is depend on you. If you select any option fee of domain name will be increased.

8 – If you want only registration of domain, select all option with “No thanks” and click on “Continue with these options”.

9 – Select one year option if you want for one year domain name.

10 – Click on “proceed to checkout” and if you not registered then register with facebook or normally and pay with credit card or may be PayPal I am not sure about it.

Selection of Good Domain Name

Before domain registration, you have to complete knowledge which domain you are selecting and it has low completion and good visitors because both requirements are necessory for selecting the good domain name.

1 – Low competition

2 – High visitors

3 – Popular keyword

4 – 6 to 7 words domain name

5 – Easy to call with mouth such as oonfun.com is very easy and 6 words domain name website.

How to Search Domain Name Registration Websites

Question is how to search multiple websites for checking which domain name registration company is best in the market and which are the companies providing this service from some years. Follow our points how to search top domain name Registration Companies.

1 – Type – www.google.com

2 – Type domain name registration keyword in google bar and you will some companies.

3 – Check domain name registration date of company must be more then 5 years old.

4 – Also see comments about that your selected company if comments are more then 50 and all are in positive manner it mean you can depend on it.

Top Domain Name Registration Providers

You do not need to spend lots of time to choosing best domain name registration provider because we have some following websites which are good to register domain name.

1 - Godaddy.com

Godaddy is one of the leading and secure domain name registration Provider Company and more than 10 years old. It is trustable and reliable company. It is US based company which is 1997 by Bob Parsons. It is famous due to domain name registration but also offering web hosting services to lots of customers worldwide.

Godaddy website reputation

It is very popular website and lots of people follow this website through google and manually open so read follow features of pk.godady.com.


1 – Alexa Rank – 147

2 – Google Index – 4.77K

3 - SEMrush Rank – 731

4 – Created – November 13/2013

5 - SEMrush sub domain back links – 1.03K

Above all information is only in Pakistan because Godaddy sub domain (pk.godaddy.com/) only opens in Pakistan.

Other Domain Name Provider Companies List


Note – All above list is taken from google and we are not responsible for any website so before domain name registration must take advice any person who is already has some domains.