What is press release

It is news, press release or statement and sends to certain person of media for publication or availability in the eyes of people. One person write and send to social media or TV media for on it because in this way lots of people related to social media or TV media can watch or read this press release and can understand what is the aim of writer.

Role of press release in SEO

In this current year 2017, search engine optimization has lots of new technique introduced by specialist and also lots of policies have been introduced by google in SEO filed for the facility of visitors because google want to give everything right to their visitors and according to their search. No fake website can stay long in google top position because google keep strong eyes on google material. Any SEO specialist will admit press release is very effective tool of getting free or paid back links and also visitors from them because lots of people follow press release these days. Only interesting story can create effect in the eyes of people to read which will get visitors for your websites through press release websites use.

Disadvantage and advantage of press release

There are two types of press release no follow press release and second is do follow press release. DO-follow press release can give you back links in the eyes of google and also ranking but no-follow will not give you this advantage. Do not thing no follow has no advantage because it is totally wrong, it has also advantage of visitors getting because when you write good story and post your link, people will read it and click on your website will cause visitors from no follow press release sites.

How to search free press release in google

There are lots of techniques for searching press release websites in google and also other search engine like yahoo and bingo also. We can give you tips for searching free prelease from google.

freepress 1 – Type – www.google.com

2 – Write in google search bar “free press release websites” or “submit a free press release websites”

. 3 – You will find lots of websites but keep in mind, you have to do some effort also for checking it is free or paid and it is instant or pending approval press release websites because lots of websites has sites and written free but not according to your requirement such as not free, very difficult to submit or register etc.

Searching in google example

Top Press Release Websites 2017

There are lots of press release websites in google but we have collection of press release websites which are working in 2017. Follow our list and try to get free backlinks.