What is Ping And How to Ping A Website

Ping is the source of free back linking which site owner can get easily from ping websites from google. Because of lots of free back links from ping website, this SEO tool is very papuler among the SEO specilist old and also new SEO students because in this way they can get free back links from starting for their website.

How to Ping Website

There are lots of people who do not know how to ping website in google and how many links free can get from ping websites. New SEO students do not worry read our guidelines and do according to our tips, you will find goal of free links.

Tips for Ping A New Website

1 - Type in google "ping my url" keyword and you will find lots of free ping websites but open (http://www.pingmyurl.com/)

2 - Click on "search ping" you will find this url (http://www.pingmyurl.com/search/)

3 - Put your website adress in search bar in middle and click on "Search Now"

4 - Process will start and you will get 150 free links from this ping website.

Benefit of Website Ping

There are some benefits which you can get only from ping website because they post your link on high DA website totally free.

1 - Post your free on lots of website which help to increase your website ranking along with indexing in google.

2 - Your website automatically will be added in whois domain websites as record.

3 - In 10 Mints, you will get free 150 links and also time will be safe.

List of Ping Websites 2017 Update

There are some websites which will ping your website and give you free links such as

1 - http://www.pingmyurl.com/search/

2 - http://www.pingmyurl.org/

3 - http://www.kunius.com/

4 - https://pingler.com/

5 - http://addurl.excitesubmit.com/

6 - https://pingomatic.com/

7 - http://free-backlinks.net/ping-my-url.html

8 - http://googleping.com/

9 - http://www.pingfarm.com/

10 - http://www.pingmyblog.info/


Every new website must be ping because of free links and index in google urgently. Otherwise you have to spend some more time in getting free liks from other SEO tools.