Best Places to Sell Your Products Online

There are lots of people who do not know where to sell online products because lack of knowledge of internet and social media uses. Today is world of social media because through social media, you can share your products to lots of people they uses it. There are some places where you can sell your products online for increase your profit.

1 – OLX

OLX is one of the top selling platforms where you can sell your product very easily after post your specification of your product. Reader will read your product specification and call you for buying product. It is only possible due to lots of visitors on OLX because people follow this market place regularly.

How to register OLX

It is very easy to use and also register because only follow our tips and use it.

1 – Type –

2 – Click on “Submit an Ad”

3 – Click on facebook and post your email id and password, you will easily register.

4 – You will see form and post your information along with image.

5 – Your post will be live within few mints after submit.

2 – Facebook

Second most important place for selling your product is Fb because it is very famous in the world and lots of people use this website for selling or buying products online.

How to use facebook for product selling

If you want to use this website for selling your product must follow our tips and increase your profit.

1 – Type

2 – Register it with your full information like mobile and email also use.

3 – Create page for your product and post daily interesting post on it.

4 – Expend your circle of friends after add.

5 – Join groups related to your products and also products selling.

6 – Share your post daily in all groups which you joined.

7 – Every your post must be full of your product accurate specification.

8 – Buy ads from FB if you have money because spend money on accurate place always bring for you customers will cause of earn money.

9 – Honest person can only become good business man not dishonest.

Both olx and facebook are top free places to sell product and people are earning lots of money through both resources of social media.

There are some also other places, you can sell such as twitter, linkedin, oonfun, pinterest and also ads posting sites list can help your products for selling.