Writing the blog post

When the bloggers have created the best and attractive blog and now you are ready to write the best blog post, you just follow these steps


The complete process of writing the blog post actually tales more than 2 hours although you have a writing speed of 80 words per minute and you have sharp writing skills. For publishing the high quality and readable content with full of information, you might need to spend several days or a week for writing a single blog post. But it is really worth spending such hours for planning your blog posts to add all necessary content. Some of the bloggers may just ignore the planning process and they are willing to make the dynamic planning in each of the stages. But it might be wrong for some kinds of blog posts and will not provide you quality content. In order to develop your good blogging habits, it is always better spending some hours for planning your blog post and then start writing it.

Choose the topic which interests you

Every blogger should need to choose the topic which first creates interest in you. If the writer don’t have fun with the topic, the readers will also not have the fun. Before choosing a particular topic, first of all you should look at the different interesting topics and choose the best one among them to create interested content.

  1. Headlines – Look at the various articles and posts regarding the same topic for getting references to choose the best headline. The heading of the blog post should be catchy and clearly explain what you are going to tell about in the entire blog post.

  2. Using pictures effectively – When it comes to the blog posts, everyone should be very careful with your images. In all kinds of the contents on the blogs, pictures or images play a vital role to tell everything to the reader before they start reading the texts. So, the blog post writers should have to select the most suitable types of images for your posts and you should need to use them in the apt places to create interest in reading

  3. Editing part – Once you have completed writing the blog post, you have to cross check it from the beginning to end for the grammar or sentence correction. If there are any errors or need changes, you have to immediately edit it and make the points valuable

Different types of blog posts

If the individuals don’t have prior experience in writing the blog posts, you just make use of the free blog post templates available on the web environment. The following are the 5 different types of blog posts for creating with the help of the free templates

  1. The list-based post

  2. The how-to post

  3. The slideshare presentation post

  4. The curated collection post

  5. The newsjacking post

From among these types of blog posts, how-to blog post is the most commonly used by the different bloggers to write valuable contents online

Significant tips for writing blog posts:

  1. Tell your story – It is one of the most important things which will make your post stand out of the target audience You will never please everyone
  2. Share how you feel – If the blogger share your feelings, it will definitely take your readers to deeply relatable
  3. Inform, interact and also inspire – Everyone should have the aim to do all these things every week to engage more numbers of readers.
  4. Give different styles of writing – This tip is really very helpful to find your voice.
  5. Mix up the actual length of your blog posts – Short blog posts could be sweet but at the same time long posts could be epic.
  6. Post new ideas – When a particular idea strikes in your mind, you just drop it online for the readers.
  7. Before publishing the posts on your blogs, the writers first have to read your post and edit if necessary. Then only, you can able to provide the high quality content to your readers.
  8. Become quick aware of the problems in writing the posts and solve them immediately.Spend valuable time to create quality content
  9. Ask different questions from your readers because it will be very helpful to correct your mistakes and improve your blog post writing skills
  10. 8 must-have ingredients of the best blog post

    In the perfect and the great blog post, the following are the must-have ingredients to focus

    1. Structure

    2. Points

    3. Images

    4. Substantial length

    5. Unique content

    6. Attention to proper grammar and spelling

    7. Internal linking

    8. A call to action

    9. Every post should need all of these necessary things to create high quality content for your readers and engage them

      Creating free blogs

      Whenever you are a beginner blogger, you just try out the free blogging websites online. Wordpress, blogger and many platforms have been providing the blogging facility for completely free of cost. If you want to develop the blog whether for your personal needs or business, you just try the free blogs first to learn everything about blogging. The free blogging sites are the best platforms where you can do some mistakes and learn a lot of things than you already know.Blog List