How to Earn Money with Forums Posting

There are lots of earning resources in the market which can be searched in google but lots of people do not know how can earn money with forums because forums posting is little difficult for those whose English is weak and cannot write strong words but we will solve your problem and how can earn money we will share with you our more than 5 years experience for your help.

Which are the best forums to earn money

There are lots of forums but I recommend 3 top SEO forums which are very famous such as
1 – Digital Point Forum
2 - V7N Forum
3 – Warrior Forum
Above three forums are very easy to use and similar in registration also. If you are newbie’s and do not know how to register forums and use follow our tips and points.

How to register V7N forum

1 – Type –
2 – Click on “register” and you will get form
3 – Click tick on “Box” after read “I have read, and agree to abide by the Webmaster Forum rules.” And click register, you will see form.
4 – Put all information on form and click on “complete registration” button and go to email for verification.
5 – Verified you activation in email and your registration will complete.
6 – Click on profile and complete it.

How to earn money with V7n Forum

Back to main topic how to earn money with V7N forum read our points and start work, Insha Allah, you will success if you do hardworking and not loss hope.
1 – Click on “Forum” which will be on top
2 – You will see lots of main and sub category
3 – Click on “The Webmaster Marketplace” and it is main category.
6 – Click on sub category word “links” and you will see following points,

7- First you click on “Want to Buy Links” and buy some post see below how to deal.
8 – Click on “new topic” and you will see form and fill

It means you will collect sites from person who has lots of websites with post price.
9 – When someone sends you sites, you will see in “Private Massage”

10 - Click and read email. If you find websites with reasonable price, ready for sell blog posting services to clients.
11 – Go back to “links” and click on “Want to Buy Links”, you will see lots of post because all these person and buying as you bought for them.
12- Send sites to person who is buying and which sites are buying.
13 - If you purchased blog posting service with 10$ each, send to other with 20 to 25$ each because client will decrease price also with you.
Note – All above procedure is very simple but very effective for earn money because we are still working through this method also.

Earn money with digital point forum

Other forum digital point also is similar with use because first register and click on “by, sell or trade” which is main category and you have to click on “other” which is the sub category of “by, sell or trade”. You will link sale option and click for start working. Buy sites for blog posting services from “selling” and sell blog posting to”buying” option member and all this procedure for
Important Note
You buy some websites for blog posting services as buyer from seller and do not need to pay advance and sell to buyers as seller. When you get deal with any buyer send article of buyer to seller (from which you buy blog posting services) when your post live send it to your buyer and get money through paypal or any other resources. Send money also to your seller after receive from buyer. Do work with honesty and increase your business.