How to increase Product sale with online and offline marketing trends

There are two types of promote product for increasing sale such as online and offline. Both factors play important role and nobody can deny importance of both online and offline marketing trends.

Top 10 Way of Promotion for Website

SEO is one of the top business improvements way for your website because without SEO, nobody can improve ranking in google and increase sale form website. Website ranking in important and what are the top ways of website promotion, you must follow our tips.

1- Use of Social Media

2- Blog Posting Technique

3- Blog Commenting

4- SEO Forum Writing

5- Paid Advertisement

6- Mobile marketing

7- Offline Marketing

8- Writing Quality Content for Own Website

9- Email Marketing

10 – Video Uploading

We will prove how can use all above way of promotion and can increase ranking in google for the purpose of website increase earning which is most important part of creating it.

1 – Use of top social media Websites

There are lots of top quality social media websites in market which are very famous and can increase your sale of products such as:-





You have to create own page of all websites and update your page viewers regularly about your products and post such images which must be related to your product and catch visitors. Do not post irrelevant products image in your page because people will thing you are spammer and leave your page instantly. You have to use some our points which will improve ranking or popularity of your page.

1 – Create good page on facebook or oonfun and all top social media websites.

2 – Post daily interesting related to your product image on time line.

3 – Add daily persons for increasing circle of your friends.

4 – Add groups and daily post your product image in all your joined groups.

5 – If your products related to shopping must joined shopping groups. and also create own group and add friends regularly.

6 – Share your facebook or oonfun page on all other social media websites.

2 –Blog Posting Technique

Second most important part of increase website sale is use of quality blog posting trend because good DA and quality blogging sites can improve your website ranking in google will cause increase business.

The points are which types of blogs and content use for promotion of website because people do not know the quality of blogs and also content follow our points:-

1 – Write quality content on any topic but must be write on useful tips, advantages and disadvantages of selected topics and clear all question of reader minds. If you not solve reader problem, your content will be fake in reader point of view and write according to reader point of view.

2 – Use top quality blog posting sites but must be do-follow because no-follow blogs will not be considered as a backlinks in google which will stop your ranking of keyword but only waste of time and money.

View some quality blogs:-




4- List of blog posting sites

3 – Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is way of increasing backlinks which help website to ranking in google but use of do-follow blogs only can do this. You can use related blogs and post good comment after read some article. Do not use promotion comment because it will not approve by admin of blog.

How to search instant approval blog commenting sites

Website own want to get free backlinks but do not know how to search blog commenting sites because when you search in google lots of list you will follow but comments will not be instant approval cause waste of time.

How to use formula for search commenting sites

Lots of people do not know how to use formula for searching quality comment blogs but keep in mind, only can search comments which may be post after approval of admin or instant both types of commenting sites will be open but you have to submit use every comment for checking it is instant approval commenting blog or pending.

“SEO Tips” reply in comments
You have to type related topic in “topic” and will find quality sites for commenting.

4 - SEO Forum Writing

SEO Forum posting is one of the top visitor intension plat form for your website because SEO forums provide you express yourself for your brand and also can get good knowledge about how to improve sale of websites because lots of Sep expert can give you solid their points of view.

Follow our tips for getting visitors

1 - Search top SEO forums in google and register with your brand name only instant of your name.

2 - Select related category if you feel you are expert on it.

3 – Follow people question and give solid answer which solve problem of thread creator.

4 – DO not post answer fake which will cause band of your ID.

5 – Create also good thread for asking question people will come and give solution to you. They will also see your brand in signature which effect in ranking of keyword and also sale of products too.

6 – Interesting Q always with keep close to your followers.

7 – English must be good no grammar mistake in writing.

5 - Paid Advertisement

It is very important part of increase business after getting website ranking in google because there are lots financial strong companies use this method for increase sale.

Very important words:- “Spend money and double it” If you are good in financial point of view, must spend money on following places.

1 – Google Adwords.

Google offer you place of express your brand where lots of people will view your product or with keep touch will you easily. Google has lots of visitors all over the words and every one follow google search engine and want to work according to google points of view on website.

Follow our tips before adwords

If you are ready to advertise your website on google platform read points before do it,

1 – Focus on solid keyword which will give your website business.

2 – Create good title and description will cause sale of products

3 – Try to give more money when you select payment for each click.

4 – Your ads must be on top of middle bar.

5 – Every month try to do ads because people follow more google ads and keen interest in buying products.

6 - Mobile Marketing

Technology has increased and lots of people use mobile for SMS and for call purpose but not getting good benefit of this useful mobile technology. We give you solid points which will give your benefit.

1 – Create good ads for SMS

2 – Get popular mobile company package of SMS like if you are Pakistani, Jazz, zong, warid and more.

3 – Collect mobile phone numbers from company or from internet.

4 – Send SMS to all contact twice in week but do not try to send your SMS in night because people in sleeping mode will delete your SMS before reading.

5 – Daily sending SMS will cause spamming your massage.

6 – Every Week change your SMS writing because people will feel boring.

Note – Do not disturb people in night of office timing because it is very bad and will not see your SMS also because of working. Do not try in following time,

Prayer time

Sleeping time

Office working time (only when they are on half time)

Only send twice in a week.

7 - Offline marketing

Your website need online marketing but you do not ignore offline marketing for increase your business scale or sale along with profit. There are some types of offline marketing which will give your business benefit but it is expensive little.

1 – Wall chalking – good hand writer can write on wall on behalf of you because lots of people keen interest on reading at wall. Good and interesting words always impress reader.

2 – Sign Board – You have to place big sign board on famous place which will increase your business sale because lots of people read and try to use because of their nature for checking what is this product how will give benefit but good words about your product will catch visitors on sign board. Do not expend or post bad images of girls because lots of people do not want to see because of not allow in Islam so post good image and get these types of visitors also.

3 - Give invitation to University students
There are lots of university and collage full with educating students and use latest mobile technology with high speed internet. Use of Fb, twitter and other social media like always keep them touch with friends and families in 24 hours. Go to university and guide them about your product what is and how you can sale also which is website. Aps must create for your website because now people use apps for using it.

8 - Quality content

Quality content always plays important role in google for your keywords because these days only accept quality and informative content not general or website promotion. When you write always keeps in mind before writing, what are the problems of reader and how can solve them.

9 – Email marketing

Using of internet always increasing day by day and lots of people use email for communication with families or friends. Create good images with quality and interesting content and send to all people who use email but before collect some email addresses from google and friends.

10 - Video uploading

Video marketing has become now important part for getting visitors because social media use has increased and people watch what they want. Create good and interesting video and upload on top quality video websites such as you tube, dailymotion, oonfun, and many more which are in google.