Importance of Email ID

Email is way of communication on internet between 2 or more person at same time and can confirm anything through this because without email ID, you cannot ask or say to your friend or client. Nobody can deny the importance of Email ID.

For What Purpose Email ID Use

Question is why people create email id and for which purpose email id can be used because lots of people do not know about email id and how to create. When anyone create email id, it can be used for business purpose and also for general purpose because there are no restrict to use of email id.

How Much % People Use Email ID

There are lots of people who has not related to IT field and lots of people also has not education. When you estimate both people, it mean more than 80% people do not know about id and only those person know who is related to IT field who are very few and most of them also not use email ID or do not know how to create Email ID.

Which Country Used Most Email System

This is my opinion not related to any other survey company so in my thinking India is the country which is related to IT field most and lots of Indian person used email system for sending and receiving information online. Why I estimate because I am Pakistani and related to SEO field. I am say everywhere Indian SEO specialist or link exchangers or posting sellers, developers and all used email sending and receiving system for communication mostly.

Top 3 Email Create Website Companies

There are lots of websites which offer you email create facility but only 3 are famous in this field such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail which lots of people used these websites for create email id to communicate with friends or customers.

Look Position of Email ID Provider

1 – Gmail

2 – Yahoo

3 – Hotmail

How to Create Email ID at

Gmail is one of the leading email ID provider company by google and in my point of view it is most used in the world but it is my opinion. Lots of people do not know how to create ID on gmail, we are solving this Q with very simple points read tips,

1 – Open ( website

2 – Click sign up or create a account

3 – Fill form all

4 – Click on I Agree

5 – Type mobile number also

6 – You will receive Code on your mobile phone

7 – Type code and click Ok

8 – Your email is ready to use after only click on continue


Your Email ID will be ready right now and you can send email to any person but one thing keep in mind do not send lots of email to other person from your new email because you have no space such which you can use in your email so wait for some days but you can send 2 or 3 email daily in first weak.

How to Create Account on Yahoo

It is very easy to create account on yahoo because there are some step to follow and you will get your new yahoo email id.

Follow out tips on creating yahoo account

1 - Open ( website

2 – Click on sign in

3 - You will find page where you will find word sign up

4 - Fill all form

5 – Verify your phone number

6 – Put code in after take from your mobile phone

5 – Your email is ready now to use

Note – DO not send lots of email to your friends at first time because due to low speed, you cannot send you lots of email because your account can banned.