How to Search Top Dofollow Blogs

o-follow blogs play important role in increase ranking and people search them in google but there are lots of blog posting websites which has fake list and list not working properly and we lost time. Time is always important for all typs of people who know SEO and not know, every one wants to save time but face lots of trouble in searching dofollow blogs. We will guide you how to search top do-follow blogs and this procedure will save your time also.

3 Tips on Searching Top Do-follow Blogs

People use simple way to search dofollow blogs after typing do-follow blogs list and find lots of sites list from different sites but these list do not work properly because the websites you want not found in list. Main thing is websites holder use keywords in websites which people type in google but sites not good as you people want. Read Tips on searching do-folow blogs,

1 - Get Friends Help

You can take your friends help only in the case if he is doing SEO from some years because in this case, they know which are the best do-follow blogs and what are are specification of blogs. In my point of view, they will guide you and may be give you list of used do-follow blogs list.

2 - Type Keywords in Google

Important part of searhcing dofollow blogs, you must know best keywords people used to search and als take help of keyword tools which tell you what types of words used for searching dofollow blogs. here are keywords sample, dofollow blogs sites list, news high DA dofollow blogs and many more.

3 - Use FB,Twitter and oonfun Soclia Media

If you not find good list of do-follow blogs, you can take help of top social media websites such as facebook, twitter and oonfun and type dofollow blogs sites in theor search, you will find good list because lots of SEO consultant share their experience on these top SM sites.

Top Dofollow Blogs

We will also share with you our more then 6 years of experience and save your time. See our top quality do-follow blogs list and increase your ranking in google for SEO.

1 - huffingtonpost

huffing ton post is one of the leading dofollow blog and created by USA. It collects both local and internation news for visitors. It will provides you news related to POLITICS,ENTERTAINMENT, WELLNESS, WHAT’S WORKING, VOICES, VIDEO and ALL SECTIONS. If you want link on this site, you have to write quality informative article not general and submit on it. It will take few days to improve. Specification of huffingtonpost huffingtonpost is one of the best blogs and it has very good in case of SEO consultant due to its specification such as DA - 98, Alexa, rank is goloblly - 151 and in USA - 30. SEMrush rank is 53 and traffic is 28.5M which is very very good.

2 -

It is the second leading blog in my ranking and it has lots of quality and specification, when you submit here your article, it will be very soon index in google because always quality article will be accpeted here only, that's why google keep article of blog on top position and website get ranking in this very good in google. I beleive good content always play important role and now a days only back links not work well if you content is week. You can submit different story like COMMUNICATION, LIFESTYLE,MONEY,PRODUCTIVITY,TECH and WORK.

Specification of

DA - 83, Alexa rank is 2,090 but in USA 1,554 and find SEMrush Rank - 1.0K but traffic 1.8M. All information has been taken correct 18/11/2016.

How to Submit Article on

Lots of boys fail due to search where is form for submit article on ( so we are solving your search and click on submit application on and fill form and if application approve, you will be able to submit article.

Our Help for Publish Article on

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3 - Forbes

American always create top quality website and maintain quality in website in case of posting quality content and informatve story which make thier website ranking in google. Forbes is USA business based magazine and story related to finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. But you can see also some other topics such as technology, ommunications, science, and law.

Specification of Forbes

Do you want to know real specification and quality of this magazine blog read DA 97, alexa ranking globly 221 and in USA 73, SEMrush Rank 69 but traffic is 22.6M which is more then

How to Submit Article on Forbes

If you are not able to post article or not getting page where you can submit you article then submit article on forbes ( and send article on mention page email ID. your article will be approve max days.

Our Help for Publish Article on

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