How to Increase ranking in google

SEO is one of the leading way of increase ranking in google without lack of SEO knowledge you can not be able to increase ranking or traffic from your website. you can get only traffic when your website is on top in google. For Increase traffic, you must follow our good points and make your website strong and reliable in google.

1 - Different Between http and www

Very important part of your SEO learning is you must know google will considered your website and http// in 2 shape not consider one website. Lots of people do this mistake offen and do not know lots of work have to do in this case. Example when you get 5 links for and also get 5 links for http// it mean in case of google eyes you have only 5 links not 10 links. So you must take all links on http// not on www. Otherwise your time, money, and work will be more and benefit will be less.

2 - Top Quality and Informative Content

Lots of people think quality content mean good english no its not mean good english it mean informative content which will reader love to read again and again. Quality content is the best part of drive traffic and raning in google. For this main aim, you must have google knowledge on selected topic and for this purpose you must search in google lots of website on specified topic. Suppose if your topic related to "how to increase ranking in google" type in google and open all 10 websites of first page and read good points and also see what different points are on all websites and why these sites selected by google for top 10 position. Make a stron plan in mind and start writing content but do not use heading same as other websites admin posted.

3 - Effect of Good Keywords Selection

Content writing is best part of drive traffic but without keywords use, content can not work because quality content always depend of good selection of keywords. For example, if you write on "how to get traffic from google" then you must focus on it and mention in your all content of 500 words 4 to 5 times and also use some 2 or 3 keywords in your mind how people can use words in google for this topic. Look below how can use words in one subject, If you want to know about how to get traffic in google, see people mind 1 - how to drive traffic in google

2 - how to get ranking in google

3 - What is the best way to improve ranking in google

4 - Fast way of improve ranking in google?

Note - All keywords go to one subject so must use some keywords what people will think and which types of words will use in google.

4 - Updation of Content is Necessity

When you write one content with use of quality keywords then you must repeat new topics and post n your site do not stop working after post 10 quality content becaue without lack of content posting, will cause of low traffic for your website so you must update regular content and new ideas also.

5 - USe of MetaData

You have to put meta tag in keywords, description and title after creating website, so in each page you have to use it but quality short description, good keywords and title but should not be long more then 60 to 70 words.

6 - Quality Relevant Links

After the completion on all above procedure, you must be ready for getting quality but relevent links from good DA, alexa, Trust fllow, CF along with good traffic websites. Example if you website related to SEO then you must get back links from good SEO related websites but keep in mind you always get links in case of article posting type. It mean you write quaity content with hayper link and post on SEO related website it will make good combination of back links with your website and your website will get traffic in google surely.

Effectiveness of Alt Tags

Use of alt tags paly improtant role in increase ranking on google because it is also the good part of SEO and google follow it for example see below link which is used alt tags.

1 -

2 -

3 -


Use of alt tags are important for ranking in google so do not mis it. Must get back links and post updation on regularly without lack of low content and bad links will cause stop your ranking in google and also domain authority will not be increase but in getting good links must use diiferent keywords.