What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is one of the leading tools to run the website on internet because without web hosting website cannot run but Q is what is web hosting; answer is very simple “it is the space on internet which keep your website live in the eyes of people”.

How Can Identify Best Web Hosting

There are lots of web hosting companies in the market but which company is best in services, it is difficult to recognize for any new web hosting buyer but follow our some points and secure your money before spend.

1 – Type google.com and search “web hosting services”.

2 – You will see lots of web hosting sites and pages also.

3 – When you select any web site first check how old this web site.

4 – Check age and comment about this web hosting also which will tell the story but keep in mind web hosting website age more than 5 years.

6 – You can also ask about this web hosting company from your friends or forums help or social media help and also from web site which has article about it.

7 – Alexa rank must be less than 3000 which make the web site strong and good visitors show also.

How to Search Top Web Hosting Companies

There are lots web hosting companies but people do not know where can we search and how to also. This case only can occur if web site builder is new in this line. We are solving your problem and follow out points and save your time.

1 – Open www.google.com

2 – Type web hosting services or web hosting company.

3 – Will find lots of web hosting companies and select according to above rules.

4 – Only select main page web hosting company example.



But some are also very inner page web hosting providers such as


But do not buy from other which are inner page web hosting if you not sure about that web site.

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

Are you looking best web hosting companies in google and also want to save your time because time is money so we are posting come good high authority web hosting providers list which can solve your problem and save time.

1- godaddy.com

2 - bluehost.com/

3 - hostgator.com/

4 - hostmonster.com

5- ixwebhosting.com

All above web hosting are good in services but keep in mind before selection any web site must check also its price, specification and also reputasion.

1 – GoDaddy

It is known as domain registrare and also web hosting provider too. It is develped in 1997 and now has become one of the top web hosting also domain name provider sompany in world because its emploies more then 4,908.

GoDaddy Hosting Packages, Price and Specification

Are you want to know gdaddy hosting packages because it has got reputasion and new person do not know how to check its packages with prce and also specification.

It you want to buy godaddy web hosting, register it and buy what you want because it is secure and reliable web hosting service provider.

2 – Blue Host

It is the web hosting provider owned by Endurance International Group and founded in 2003. It is also reliable web hosting because its old age and you can check also comments about its reputation before buy services from it.

Bluehost Hosting Packages, Price and Specification

Bluehost is one of the leading hosting companies which is well reputed and establish too. Check following its packages, price and also specification for your satisfied.

It has 4 types of web hosting services which can help you to what hosting plan you want to buy.

1 - WordPress Web Hosting

2 - Shared Hosting

3- All Hosting Products

4 - Next Gen VPS Hosting

3 - Hostgator

It is the collection of service provicder such as shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting which make this web hosting company more powerful and reliable in the eyes of people which want to buy or already used.

Hostgator Packages, Price and Specification

It is one of the leading web hosting provider with reasonable price which you be shown in following:,

Web hosting Plan

Wordpress Webhosting Plans

4 – Hostmonster

Hostmonster is one of the also top web hosting company which is known as shared hosting, hosting features, VPS hosting and also dedicated hosting.

Hostmonster Packages, Price and Specification

There are 4 types of hosting plans with prices and spcificationa which will make you easily understand about hostmonster services.

Shared Hosting Prices