Top 5 Most Famous Hackers In The World

There are lots of hackers who can try to steel security of any person web but fail. Only 5 hackers in the world who do this easily and steel the important documents from website data base because these hackers has very strong mind and try to do anything they want to do. Are you looking to See the name of 5 top hackers follow below:-

1. Gary McKinnon

2. LulzSec

3. Adrian Lamo

4. Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce

5. Jonathan James

Other famous top hackers are:-

6. Kevin Poulsen

7. Kevin Mitnick

8. Anonymous

9. Astra

10. Albert Gonzalez

Gary McKinnon Full Information

He is born in British and become famous as security hacker because did in past 2002, hack USA military all computer hacks which was the biggest news in the world because this news create Q mark on the online security of USA technology system.

Gary McKinnon Date of Birth

1 - February 10, 1966

2 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

3 - Nationality: British

4 - Known for: Security hacker

5 - Other name: Solo

6 - Parents: Janis Sharp, Charlie McKinnon

Gary McKinnon Profession

In current time, he is working as Scottish systems administrator because he was very intelligent so he is the boss of tech department.

2. LulzSec Full Information

LulzSec is the small name of Lulz Ssecurty and known as black hat computer hacking group because they are some person who name LulzSec which become the identity of this group and did lots of hacking such as compromise of user accounts from Sony Pictures in 2011 which become the identity of this group.

LulzSec Group Date of Starting

1 – Working as group starting date – May 2011

2 – Type – hacking

3 – Members of this group – 11

4 – Leader of this group – Sabu

5 – Volunteers – 7

Adrian Lamo Full Information

He is an American threat analyst and in past he was arrest due to break the security of high profile computers networks such as New York Time, Yahoo and Microsoft in 2013 and all this work made him famous in the world as hacker.

Adrian Lamo Date of Birth

1 – Nationality of USA

2 – Feb 20, 1981, Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

3 – Height: 5′ 9″

4 – He is also known as other name such as Adrián Lamo, R. Adrián Lam.

5 - Parents: Mary Lamo-Atwood, Mario Lamo-Jiménez

6 – He is very intelligent boy and done education from Lowell High School, American River College.

Adrian Lamo Profession

He is working in very good company as American threat analyst and in my point of view it is very good post for this heavy mind person.