Importance of Keywords Use

Keywords are one of the best factor in SEO and without keyword use in article , your website can not get ranking in google because good keywords use in article always effective and searched buy people for fulfill their requirement.

Method of Keyword Searching

There are lots of websites which has quality article for how to search good keyword and also guide people what are requirement of quality keywords so we will also guide you but in simple method which will help you to search good keywords after use our method,

1 - Competition must be low from other keywords

2 - Visitors must be more

3 - Keyword words must be less i mean keyword must be no long

4 - In article must use 5 to 6 keywords only not more

What are the most popular keywords Used or Search in Google

1 - facebook

2 - twitter

3 - linkedin

4- gmail

5 - pinterest

6 - web hosting

7 - google translation

8 - weight loss

9 - SEO COmpany

10- SEO forum

11 - Blog posting sites lsit

12 - ebay uk

13 - oonfun

There are lots of more keywords which searched in google because people types and search websites and fulfil requirement but one thing is more important all above keywords has lots of competition and also visitors.

Are You looking Popular Keywords Tools

There are lots of keyword tools in market some are free and some are paid but you can use all toods for what types of keyword in google used. See list of keyword tools,

List of free keyword planner 2017

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

6 -

7 -

8 -

9 -

10 -


- We have post above list which is updated in google and you can search keywords from any of above keyword tools searcher. Every keyword is important if it has less competition and high visitors.