Importance of Skype

Skype is one of the best chat massenger and it is very famous in all over the world because its speed is much better than all other messenger like yahoo, gmail chat room and many others. It is available for the PC, and such features calls, messages, video sharing you can use on PC and all process will be in few mints on slow internet speed too. You can read about skype app features below also

Specification on Skype Application

1 – You can call as group with your all friends.

2 – You can send pics, share file to your friends

3 – You can translate your call with anyone

Download Skype for PC

VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the leading media player and any one can listen or watch Islamic video clearly. Its result is very good to watch and develop in 2001 by the non profit organization which name is Video LAN Project. It is designed on the base of multi format. You can read the features of VLC media player below.

1 - You can install for different type of window such as XP, Vista, Window 7, 8,10 and 10 -64 bit

2 - It has multiple languages and easily you can download VLC media player.

3 – It is designed by VideoLAN and he has released it as open source.

4 - Any type format of video, you can easily run.

Note – DO you watch movie, adult video and any bad video which is not good in islam. Try to avoid from it and watch only good video such as Islamic bayens and listen Quran Pak.

Popularty Of Firfox

Firfox is one of the leading browser in market and lots of people use it because of its good service. Google has design it very well and when you use it and open lots of file, you can see all files in same one firfox browser. In Pakistani firfox popularity is very high more than other browser because it is very simple to use and its result look nice to see. There are lots of browsers in the market which people love to use but google has introduced lots of useful website and browser firefox is one of the best to browsing the website on internet. It is the best open source website and designed by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation. Its original release date is 2002 and stable release 48.0, 50.0.2. Some languages are used in designing of firfox such as JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, C, XUL, C++, XBL.

Download Mozilla Firefox

Are you looking where to download Mozilla firefox easily, you are on right website, you can download free Mozilla firefox from our website after click on following button and run on your internet.