What is Pinterest

Pinterest is one of most popular social media website on which people can share their ideas and memory too. You can pin your ideas through websites after create board on Pinterest.

How to search in google or yahoo

Some people feel difficulty in writing of Pinterest in direct on Firefox or google chrome because lack of good skill in English but it is very easy now to search in google write website only write “pint” you will see right spelling of Pinterest which will help you to open Pinterest website through google. See example

How to create account of Pinterest

Lots of people do not know about Pinterest but some people know about it still cannot create account on it. It is very easy to create account on Pinterest and we are solving your problem read following points:-

1 – Type in google “Pinterest”

2 – Click on “facebook” and then continue and you will go to direct on home page after process.

How to create board and share website

For share your website or memory or image, you have to create first board for posting so follow our tips to create board:-

1 – Click on your “image” which will be in corner

2 – Click on profile

3 – Click on “create board”plus button

4 – Type board name and press on “create”

5 – After create board, you must click on plus button or pin button which is near to your image profile or behind.

6 – You will see 2 option such as “save from a website” and other one “upload an image”. If you want to share your website, click on first option and past your website URL or address.

, 7 - Click on “next” button

8 – You will see some image of your website when you keep your mouse on any image; you will see “save” option and have to click on it.

9 – You will see image and your board so click on your board (save button) which you already create. You website will be share or post on Pinterest.

How to see visitor of your shared website

It is very easy to see your shared website how much popular or getting visitors. Click on “Analytics” which is on left corner at top.

, Note – We have written all above article for your facility after our lots of experience on Pinterest because we have shared lots of stories or created some boards also for posting story or website on it. You can follow our tips on creating account, board and share website on Pinterest.