What is DA

DA means domain authority and lots of people do not know about DA because they know page rank or alexa rank but not know about domain authority.

Definition of Domain Authority

“It is the tool which estimates of power of website call domain authority.” DA has is mixture of three factors such as age, popularity and size of website.

What is Page Authority?

“It is also called PA and is deriving from all single page of website.” In this case every page has popularity and must be work on all pages separately by admin of website.

How to improve domain authority

DA is one of the popular part of SEO and lots of people estimate website power due to good DA because they know good DA website can work properly in the eyes of buyers of your are paid blogger or link seller. For the increase of DA, you have to do some good work such as good do-follow links with the help of blog posting services.Link exchange, social bookmarking, directory submission and forum posting can work for good DA.

How can earn money with good DA website

Good DA website always has opportunity to earn good money for website admin because if your website has good DA, you can sell blog posting on your website or image link sale, banner and google adsense also can post.

How can check domain authority

Lots of people do not know how to check domain authority because lack of knowledge of SEO. There are some websites for domain authority checker which help you to check DA of website in one by one or in bulk order. Type in google DA checker websites, you will find lots of website but as example follow our tips.

1 – Open www.bulksitechecker.com

2 – Click on “DA Checker”

3 – Put maximum 10 websites for DA checker

4 – Click on “Submit”

You will see DA or domain authority of each website easily.

Bulk DA Websites List 2017

There are lots of websites which help you to check bulk DA of websites or single DA. See below some DA checker websites to use.

1 - http://www.bulksitechecker.com/ - You can check DA very easy after click on DA Checker page.

2 - http://www.seoreviewtools.com/ - Enter URL and captcha then click on “perform check”, you will find single website DA.

3 - http://www.robingupta.com/ - Put your websites in box and tick on box then click on “get result”.

4 - http://websiteseochecker.com/ - Put your bulk sites and click on “check” you will see domain authority of all sites.

5 - http://www.bulkdachecker.com/ - Type your website address in bar and click on “findDA”, you will find DA of all websites.

6 - http://www.checkmoz.com/ - You check DA of 100 websites at same time after click on “find Moz Metrics”
Note – All DA checker websites has been taken from google top position because you not spend time or money to do but we save both things for you.