What is Proxy?

“The special website which unblocks the rules of any website called proxy”. It is used for run the restricted website and save your bio data of computer like IP, username, place of computer and also old account information.

How to Search Proxy Websites

There are lots of proxy websites in the google search engine but some people do not know how to search and where to search good proxy websites so we are solving your problem and follow our tips for search proxy websites.

1 – Open www.google.com and type free proxy websites.

2 – You will see some proxy websites in first page of google

3 – Use any website which you feel easy and good but one thing keep in mind do not use these websites for adult and bad websites because it is not good in Islam and also in where.

How to Use Proxy Website

After searching proxy website, some people do not know how to use it due to lack of internet browser knowledge so please follow our tips and try it for only legal purpose.

1 – Open www.proxysite.com website which is very good and easy

2 – Put your URL which is block on your internet and click on go.

3 – You will see your website will run in proxy website easily.

4 –DO not use proxy for bad purpose like adult and more.

Free Proxy Websites 2017

There are lots of proxy websites but due to lack of time people cannot search proxy website one by one so we are solving problem of our visitors and spend some time to collect proxy websites in 2017 year.

It is very good and easy to use proxy website because has selected it on number 1 position so see some features:-

Alexa Rank - 3.60K

Semrush - 16.2K

Website Age - March 9, 2001

Google has given this proxy website 3rd positive because it is also easy to use. It has some good reputation see:-

Alexa Rank - 9.13K

Semrush - 8.39K

Website Age - No

Other Proxy websites list which are in google search engine

Note – All free proxy server websites has been taken from google for saving your time and problem. So use our proxy free websites and share with your friends also our list.