What is Backlink?

What is backlink? It is very common question asked by people and what is answer, some people know and some do not know so “the link of your website post or add on other person website” called backlink.

Example of backlink

Muhammad Afzal has one good website like oonfun.com and he want to promote it so he contact with Muhammad Amjad website like blogpostingsiteslist.com and tell him I want my site on your website mean live my oonfun.com on your blogpostingsiteslist.com so it called backlink. Lots of backlinks will help your website in google ranking but must keep in mind back links should be quality and relative.

How to check backlink

There are some websites which offer you backlink checker facility and it is very easy to check backlink of any website. Just open google.com and type “backlink checker”, you will find lots of website and select one site and open it. Type your website in open website search bar, you will see backlinks of typed website.


Type in google backlink checker

Select top site - smallseotools.com/backlink-checker/

Type your website or any other person website in search bar see in following image

You will see result of backlinks of type’s website.


It is very simple step of backlink checking so do not worry about it, you can use our above mention site as backlink checker and use of all backlinks for his website to improve ranking in google.

Backlink checker sites list 2017

If you not like or want to see more backlinks of any other website then see our following SEO backlink checker websites for your facility which we have collected from google in 2017.


: - You can select any website for check backlinks easily and promote your website on those backlinks which is easy way to improve ranking in google. Save this SEO backlink checker website list 2017 and also share on fb, oonfun.com, twitter, linkedin and on many more social media website.