Top Class Social Media Sites

Tons of social media sites available on internet but only few are most famous in the world. Due to user friendly features and interesting layout all those sites capture the attention of the people nicely. Each and every feature of top social media sites attracts communities and every age of people to spend their times to enjoy their unique experiences and happy moments of the lives. Here is the list of most popular social media sites which has awesome features and visitors mostly spend their times to interact with others: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, OonFun, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, SnapChat, Reddit, Flickr and many more social media sites are most popular everywhere in the world. Features of each and every site are different from one to another site. All social media sites have unique identities and playing dynamic roles in user development life cycle. Features Identity, Inspiration, Opportunities, Collaborations, Enjoyment & Fun are the common interests of every social media site.

Let’s share each and every feature in detail:


Facebook comes first in the top of the list of social media sites which is very popular in the world. People can share their photos, videos, presentations, live chat, messaging, calling and many other features to communicate with each other and to spend happiest moments of their lives. Facebook messenger comes in second position in most popular messaging app behind Whatsapp.


Twitter comes on second number which is popular due to instant news breaking and the real time public micro blogging network. Its iconic 140-character limit mostly attracts users to absolutely convey everything into precise format. Twitter also has changed its work strategies and included almost everything like Facebook. User can put tweets there and can collect response from the participants.


OonFun is also latest and new type of entertainment trend for every age people especially for young community. Find awesome fun and entertainment stuff at OonFun website. Share online videos, recorded videos, images and much more attractive and memorable features with friends and family. Create your own accounts and join to different groups, update your states regularly and share on other social media sites to collect response and to generate updated fun lifecycle. OoFun is fastest growing fun and entertainment website appealing young generation to join the huge network and share best moments of your life’s with OonFun new social media gathering.


Pinterest is also popular due to important visual content on the web. Pinterest is a beautiful and interactive pin board style platform. Data can be categorized into separate boards. It is also famous due to sharing images with followers and following other people who likes to share memorable and inspiring visuals.


Professionals mostly likes LinkedIn network which is a social network having user friendly features. All those users who wished to make connections in advance regarding carriers and other types of marketing campaigns their career should be on LinkedIn. Extremely detailed resumes can be found here along with numerous of other fields. It is best platform for users to promote their profiles, resumes by making connections with other communities, professionals, interacting in group discussions, posting advertisements, job ads, publishing articles and much more stuff.


It is the leading social media website and related to facebook owner. Instagram Working like a facebook, here you can also post pic, share memory, website link and can see and upload video for your friends. But here you have to register your account or attached with facebook on your pC or laptop but in mobile you can download instagram app easily and share you image for your friends.

Instagram Specification

This website has lots of specification but we are guiding you SEO knowledge read below:-

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Alexa Rank – 15

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Facebook like – 5.6M

G plus – 1.3M


– On mobile phone, you can run it easily after download application but on PC it is difficult to run so do not post wrong image like adult on any social media because Allah Pak do not like it so try to avoid from this type of activity.