Top 10 Plagiarism Checker Websites

The word ‘plagiarism’ comes from the Latin language. It means ‘kidnapping’. It is well known that the meaning of this term is to steal a person. The same situation is if to talk about plagiarism. But not the actual person is stolen but his or her thoughts and ideas. The matter is that there is the notion of intellectual property that is protected by special laws. This notion includes copyright and other related rights. Plagiarism is the breaching of the laws of intellectual property. In case of the sphere of journalism and academic word, it is rather serious offense. In short, plagiarism is the action of taking somebody's ideas, words, text fragments, etc., and passing them as your own. It is a kind of cheating. Plagiarized content should be avoided. To identify and detect it, there are created special tools and programs.

What Are the Best Plagiarism Checker Websites?

1. It is a free online services for checking whether you, your copywriter or your student do not overlap plagiarism. This tool is suitable for journalists, writers, students and many others. A free version of the service is available for a limited number of documents.

To start checking the text, you should register and have it uploaded to the website. Push the ‘Check now’ button and wait some time. A specially developed algorithm will look through different resources and repositories in order to find the duplicated content. After finishing the check, the report will be demonstrated. Here you will be able to see all duplicated text fragment - they will be highlighted. Besides that, the level of plagiarism will be defined. The acceptable one is less than 10%.

2. It is a special software developed for determining plagiarism online. It includes special algorithms of language processing and machine learning. Besides that, a proprietary technology is also applied. As a result, this program detects plagiarism fast and effectively.

If you want to check your content, then insert it to a proper box and click ‘Start’. Your text will be analyzed according to the particular parameters, for example, phrase patterns and words frequencies. The system compares your content with another text in different databases and various resources. After that, the checking results will show the number of duplicated text in percentage - if the number is high, then your content is plagiarized.

3. It is a free system to detect plagiarism on the Internet. With its help, you can check either a separate document or a whole web page. Moreover, you also can check articles or handouts. The platform provides you will all necessary guides and instructions on how to use it properly. There are several additional services but they are not free - you should buy a subscription to have them available.

4. It is an online anti-plagiarism program that includes all tools necessary for thorough checking of the content. It is very easy in usage. This plagiarism detector is the best tool for students to check their papers. Beside that, bloggers and freelance writers can also check their content.

You are able either to upload the necessary document or insert the text into the box to have it checked. Every phrase and sentence is scanned and compared with different content of millions of websites. And one big advantage of this anti-plagiarism system is that it does not save any uploaded and inserted text.

Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker highlights the text with green and red colors. Those fragment of text that are green are plagiarism free, and the red ones show the duplicated content that should be somehow changed. Besides that, the sources of plagiarized text will be identified.

5. (Tuition). It is a free online text checker but only first 32 words will be scanned and analyzed. To have text checked, you should copy and paste your content. The system can analyze also copied fragments of PDF files online. But it does not have any additional features, for example, the checking of spelling and grammar. The reporters are generated on the site.

6. It is software for free detection of plagiarism. You do not have to registration. The website provides it users with clear and useful tips. But the number of symbols entered for scanning is limited. It equals 1500 words. This system will help to detect the copied links or duplicated content. The number of searches is not limited.

7. It is a plagiarism detection system. It has an option of Quick Search. With the help of this tool, your content can pass a quick search, deep search or you can have an upload file comparison. The last two options are available for Plagium members. But Plagium account should be paid up. And then you will be able to upload PDF, Microsoft Word and other format files.

8. It is a website for plagiarism checker. It works the same way as all other websites for plagiarism detection. You should copy and paste your text to the search box and push the button. Besides that, you can upload the MS Word files. The report will be generated automatically and you can download it.

9. It is website that provides not only plagiarism detection but a wide range of other related services. You will be able to use search engine pingler, online plagiarism checker, link tracker, etc. In the plagiarism checker, the duplicated text will be marked with red color. So you can easily find the fragments that should be changed.

10. It is a system for checking the files of PDF and .docx formats. You should enter your email, upload the file and click the ‘Submit’ button. The website will automatically perform scanning and generate the report.

It is not the full list of available websites for plagiarism checking. There are thousands of them. Some of them are free and work online, while other are not. To select the proper site for your content checking mind the site rank, testimonials and users feedback. The resource should be popular, protected and authoritative.