The Most Popular Affiliate Providers All Over the World

Nowadays, the services of different publishers that also are called affiliate marketers are very popular and in-demand. They sell diverse products. Besides that, there are the merchants who offer specific affiliate programs to the customers and produce the products. An affiliate network is a link between these two sides.

Usually, to the affiliate services include the procedures of refunding and payment, the affiliate tracking and management. But what is really important is that the clients get the access to the big database of different publishers.

In general, the affiliate networks ensure two main models:

Cost-per-Sale (CPS) also known as PPS. This model helps to attract bigger number of new potential customers. The marketers should pay a specified commission that its rather high. But after paying, they get the full range of free advertising and marketing services.

● Cost-per-Action CPA.

According to this model, a particular action is paid. This can be user registration, different clicks, submission of special forms and so on. The rate is lower in comparison with CPS and such a model is more risky as it does not ensure the direct sales.

A lot of affiliate service providers are available now. Some of them work with small business; others are huge corporations. Each such provider ensures the scope of particular marketing and advertising programs with specific campaigns. Every provider is oriented on the defined market sector. Here is the list of most popular providers of affiliate services.

1. Rakuten Affiliate Network

This affiliate marketing service was earlier called LinkShare. The company provides the full range of marking services and solutions. Rukunet cooperates with large business, sales and budget. It is not suitable for small or middle companies. The company has the huge support from advertisers, as well as from publishers.

2. Amazon Associates

Every person who sells on Amazon is the participant of the affiliate program of this company. All sales are considered to be merchants. Every affiliate publisher is able to promote different goods and products of Amazon and he can get the revenue for that. The company does not require any inputs from the participants of its affiliate program. But, nevertheless, there is no control over commissions.

3. CJAffiliate by Conversant

The company was earlier known as Commission Junction. It provides the affiliate marketing services over the whole world. Among such services, there are PPA (Pay-per-Action), various publishing models (including email campaign), advertising programs, etc. The number of service and level of support and access depend on the specifics of custom package. The company is well-known for high tracking and reporting capacities.

4. ClickBank

The company has a base of over 500,000 members and its clients get the access to a rather large target auditory. Generally, the company deals only with digital products. Every client should pay several fees. The first one is the free for every product; it is paid only once. The sale free should be paid. Besides that, the clients also pay the commission that the affiliate publishers will get. The work of this company is based on PPS model - no commissions on per-defined action are offered.

5. BlueSnap

Actually, it is a global payment company, which also provides the affiliate marketing services for digital products, for example, software downloads. The company is mainly oriented to the CPA model. But it is possible to work on several pre-defined action models. No sites to store models are available. It is possible to have real-time tracking available as well as live sales notifications. The program offered by this provider is mainly self-serve operation. That is why some technical skills are required in order to create the links, data feeds, different banners, etc.

6. FlexOffers

This provider of affiliate services ensures the monitoring of compliance and complete support. It provides different advertising campaigns and publishing models. It connects publishers and advertisers of different industries and fields. For the extra payments, the clients can get premium management package together with self-management plan. Generally, the company works with cost for sale models. But CPA types are also available. They may include the activities of email list increasing, free trial signups, etc.

7. CommissionSoup

The company is a part of Bulldog Media Group. It is mainly oriented to the credit and financial sector. The affiliate marketing services are available via its parent and sister companies. They ensure the traditional models of video and content publishing. Besides that, social channel publishing is also available. The unsolicited campaigns of emailing and PPC are forbidden by CommissionSoup. Although, its parent, Bulldog Media Group, supports such services.

8. oneNetworkDirect

This affiliate network is also known as oND. The company is focused on the electronics field. The parent company of oND is Digital River that supports tailored payment systems, marketing campaigns and ecommerce solutions. oND enables to form a huge library of affiliate links that will be trackable. The company provides different publishing models. This may be general content, specific blog posts, PPC, video and social campaigns, etc. It is very convenient for clients to select the service package. It is possible to pick any of available services and manage them yourself or have the picked services outsourced.

9. eBay Partner network

It is one of the most popular affiliate networks all over the world. The partnership with eBay brings a lot of advantages. The company ensures huge number of different listings and the choice is really big. The network provides turnkey tools for driving traffic from the client’s websites. The participants of this network should just select the list, share it in their community and get the payment. Every purchase is paid. It is possible to earn good money every month - the percentage of revenue.

10. ShareASale

The company deals with different product categories. All its clients should pay the fees per sale and the sign-up commission. This affiliate service provider has a large number of publishers. It supports the vast majority of various publishing models, for instance, traditional video and content models. The process of product promotion is also possible by PPC campaigns, usage of social channels, email campaigns, etc. But it is impossible to use CPM, site to store and CPM models.